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Do I need tech experience or a STEM degree to apply for a role at Sparta Global?

Absolutely not. We hire individuals based on their attitude, aptitude and potential for success in a digital role. We test for this through a compilation of psychometric, written, and verbal assessments when someone applies for a role. The success of an individual's application is based on this and not prior experience or education. Please note, with some roles technical tests are required, but we provide learning materials in advance to support those from non-tech backgrounds. 

Do Spartans have to pay for the training?

No. Training is the first stage of employment with Sparta Global, therefore we fund the full 8-10 weeks of training that every Spartan must complete before being assigned to work on a client site. 

Do Spartans get paid when they are in training?

Yes. Spartans receive a salary throughout their training period leading to a pay increase when they are a qualified Spartan working on-site with one of our clients.

Does Sparta Global have exit fees?


Do I have to live near a Sparta Global head office to apply?

As of September 2022, all training remains remote and therefore our roles are open to passionate people across the UK & Ireland.

Can I choose which of your clients I work with and where?

In order to give our Spartans the opportunity to work in their first technical role as soon as possible - and soon after training has ended - we ask all Spartans to be flexible. We will assign Spartans to the organisations where their skills are in-demand and where we see the potential for a great cultural fit. However, we do take into consideration the individual passions of each of our Spartans to ensure they will be as happy as possible in their assigned position. All Spartans must also be geographically flexible and willing to relocate for roles. 

For clients

Which sectors does Sparta Global supply talent to?

Sparta Global supplies business and technology talent to more than 100 organisations, across every industry sector. These include the public sector, financial services, entertainment, sport, energies, mobile and more.

How do you ensure you are attracting diverse talent?

Diversity and inclusion is in our DNA, and considerations for improving the diversity of our tech workforce are clear across our talent attraction, training, delivery and support processes. Through the actions of our internal Equality, Diversity and Inclusion team, our staff are trained to support and champion underrepresented groups and give every individual an equal opportunity to kickstart a career in technology. We also work closely with more than 70 universities, community partners, and charities to work closely and directly with the underserved communities we want to help.

How many Spartans can be delivered at any one time?

Sparta Global attracts, trains and hires business and technology professionals year-round. The number of Spartans we deliver is strongly influenced by the demand amongst our client base and how many professionals they are looking to onboard. For this reason, Spartans are immediately available for long or short-term deployments throughout the year.

However, larger team deployments may require more advanced planning with a client's dedicated Account Manager and our Academy or Delivery teams.

How do we find out which Spartans are available?

Please complete a contact form and an Account Manager will be in touch quickly to discuss your requirements and demand. 

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