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Sparta Global will continue to champion emerging tech talent as a Youth Verified employer

Fastest growing UK hire-train-deploy company continues commitment to equal opportunities across technology training and careers through Youth Group partnership

Sparta Global – the UK’s only B Corp certified hire, train, deploy company - is in the process of becoming a Youth Verified business with the Youth Group, the UK’s largest community of young people seeking employment opportunities.

Sparta Global, a specialist provider of high-quality emerging business and technology talent, aligns with the Youth Group’s commitment to providing young people with equal opportunities across career development. Sparta Global is dedicated to building future leaders across Data, Software Engineering, DevOps, Cyber Security, Business Analysis, Test Analysis, Test Engineering and more, and a partnership with the Youth Group will help further empower its ‘Spartan’ consultant community with fresh thinkers and innovators.

Being Youth Verified will not only benefit Sparta Global’s current and future Spartan workforce, but also the clients who deploy Spartans to build their own talent pipelines. Sparta Global is committed to building a technology workforce reflective of society today – innovative, creative, and diverse. This is why we accept non-graduates and non-STEM people into our programme, and provide funded, paid training across a host of in-demand specialisms, before assigning Spartans to work in roles with our clients.

“I founded Sparta Global in 2014 with a mission to help address the digital skills shortfall in the UK”, says Sparta Global CEO, David Rai. “So many young people have the attitude, aptitude and potential to succeed in technology, but they are excluded from opportunities because of outdated hiring requirements.

With Youth Verified status and our partnership with the Youth Group, we can empower more young people through our technology training and careers, and action an industry-wide shift on how future technology leaders are hired and nurtured.”

After initiating remote training during the pandemic, Sparta Global plans to expand the reach of its technology training and careers to outside of the UK and to other under-served communities, including returners and those who are neurodivergent.

Combined with Sparta Global’s recent announcement surrounding B Corp status and the achievement of an Inclusive Employers standard, the youth verification challenge strengthens Sparta Global’s brand reputation as the most equitable and inclusive hire, train, deploy company in the UK.  By working with Youth Group, Sparta Global intends to showcase the de-facto standard young people should expect from early careers employers and how to power up their potential.

“By partnering with Sparta Global on our Youth Verified assessment, Youth Group is taking another step towards empowering young people with the attitude and potential to succeed in youth caring companies like Sparta Global,” said Youth Group CEO Jack Parsons.

Jack adds; “At Youth Group we are committed to building a diverse and innovative workforce for young people in companies across the UK, reflective of society today, and this partnership will help us move the dial forward. I am excited to be working with David [Rai] and his fantastic team. Together, we can create a standard for early careers employers and showcase the power of young people's potential."


About Youth Group:

We're the youth network. At Youth Group, we're doing things differently. We're a platform that brings together the resources and expertise of multiple organisations, with the goal of creating a seamless, integrated approach to helping young people achieve their full potential. We understand that in today's fast-paced world, young people need quick, effective solutions to the challenges they face. That's why we've designed our platform to be agile and responsive, moving at the speed of the young people we serve. Gone are the days of long, drawn-out programs that take a year or more to produce results. At Youth Group, we're focused on delivering real, measurable outcomes for young people in a matter of days and weeks not months or years.


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