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Cyber Security

No more risk. Put security first.

Our Cyber Security Spartans have a natural aptitude for technology, and a passion for problem solving, communication and attention to detail. Our training programmes give Spartans the opportunity to combine these skills with a knowledge of various platforms, fundamental computer forensics skills and hacking. Our course includes modules on; encryption, Kali Linux, legislation and frameworks, risk management, penetration testing and defence mechanisms.

Paid training

Sparta Global funds 8-10 weeks of training for each Spartan, with trainees recieving a salary throughout.

In-house training faculty

Our training team is made up of industry professionals who have fundamental experience of working in busy digital teams. 

Tailored learning pathways

Our training focuses on experiential learning to build business acumen and communication skills that will enable our Spartans to be lifelong learners. This is supported by tailored learning pathways for when Spartans start working on-site too.

Our Cyber Security training

This document will give you a better idea of the principles and skills included in our Cyber Security training, but there is plenty more that we offer Spartans before, during, and after initial training to ensure they continue their learning. Complete a contact form to find out more, and an Account Manager will be in touch.

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