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The body of Celloridoo is an aerophone made from maple wood which is coated with epoxy resin. The Instrument is 131,5 cm high. The challenge of the project is based on merging two instruments:cello and didgeridoo. ”In Celloridoo an aerophone which is Didgeridoo is composed with a bowed chordophone which is something like a cello. So a chordophone needs a peg box, a neck and a resonance box, and a Didgeridoo needs a pipe and a mouthpiece so the pipe under the mouthpiece became to peg box and neck to install fingerboard on int and the lowest part of it became to a resonance box to instal bridges, holes and keep the strings.” The project got appreciated with the A’DESIGN Award. The 2015 was a breaking through point for the Aidin, he invented a new instrument. Celloridoo is a hybrid – a combination of cello and the didgeridoo.

As the research abstract says “(…) designing a new composite musical instrument for the creative people who are talented in music is necessary to help these people make more creative musics individually and to involve them spiritually(…)”.


The inventor of Celloridoo, Aidin Ardjomandi is a Tehran born creator who specializes in industrial design and is also a cartoonist. Aidin was 18 when he won several prizes in these two fields. He is also known for being a manager and lecturer of events in Istituto di Moda Burgo and is the international relations manager of Azerbaijan Design Awards. The artist graduated from the central Tehran branch of IA University and is also a member of the World Design Consortium, International Design Club and International Council of Creative Industries Alliance of International Business too. From 2019 he can be also found amongst the jury of Design Educates Awards.


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